Who Decides When it is Safe for Me to Return to Work After an Injury?

April 29 , 2022

Is Safe for Me to Return to Work After an Injury?

We understand that in some cases, employers or their workers’ compensation insurance providers may begin applying pressure on the injured worker to return to their position before they are ready.

If you have been receiving workers’ compensation benefits for a workplace injury and are unsure when you can return to work, your doctor is the best person to turn to for advice.

Your doctor understands the extent of your injuries, where they are in the healing process, and how returning to work may jeopardize your recovery.

If your North Carolina employer or insurer tries to force you back to work before you are medically able, our experienced Charlotte workers’ compensation attorneys at the Ramsay Law Firm, P.A. can help protect your rights.Who Decides When It Is Safe For Me To Return To Work After An Injury

Communicate with Your Physicians to Determine When Is It Safe to Go Back to Work

The nature of the injury and how your body is healing will dictate when you can go back to work.

That is why it is so important to keep in honest and open contact with a trusted medical provider.

As your treatment continues, your doctor or team of physicians will:

  • Outline your complete injuries
  • Chart your medical progress, including your range of motion and pain level
  • Create a timeline for recovery, and reassess the healing process as time goes on

Your physician’s evaluation is typically the basis for determining the extent of your abilities and the timeframe in which you may safely return to work.

Can I Return to Work in a Modified Capacity?

Sometimes it is not just the employer or their insurer that is trying to rush your return to work.

Some employees are simply ready to get back to the life they enjoyed before their work accident occurred. That may start with returning to work with certain restrictions.

Depending on your line of work, your physicians may approve returning to the job with a modified work schedule that would include “light duty.”

Light duty may mean something different for each industry or position.

It is often categorized as any work responsibilities that are less than or modified from the employee’s previous duties to help avoid the risk of injuring themselves further.

Before returning to work in a modified position, communicate with your doctors and ask that they specifically outline the tasks that you are or are NOT able to perform safely.

Next, you will need to communicate your return-to-work plans with your employer, so everyone understands your modified role.

Ask Your About Their Workers’ Compensation Return-to-Work Policy

Before simply returning to work, consult with your employer about the company’s workers’ compensation return to work policy.

That should include:

  • Confirmation that your employer understands your injury
  • Any physical limitations you may have upon return
  • Reasonable accommodations for when you transition back to your previous position

If you are not approved to return to work in any capacity, do not allow your employer or their workers’ compensation insurer to force you to return before you are physically ready.

If you believe your employer is interfering with your claim, or is retaliating against you for filing a workers’ compensation claim, contact our skilled attorneys right away for help.

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