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Martha L. Ramsay

Martha Ramsay has been fighting for injured workers and accident victims for more than 25 years. She has settled complicated personal injury claims, litigated denied workers’ compensation claims, and won monetary damages for hundreds of clients.

Martha L. Ramsay Attorney

Brian C. Hunt

Attorney Brian C. Hunt earned his Juris Doctorate from Elon University School of Law. Mr. Hunt cut his teeth as an attorney working relentlessly on a three-week trial in Mooresville, NC, which is where he first met Mr. Dewey.

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Scott G. Galiger

With more than 25 years of experience as lead counsel in workers' compensation, Social Security Disability, and personal injury cases, Scott Galiger has successfully battled the system to get his clients the awards they deserve.

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Skilled Workers’ Compensation Attorneys in Charlotte, North Carolina

Workplace InjuryAt the Ramsay Law Firm, P.A., our law firm founder and managing attorney, Martha Ramsay, has been giving a voice to the injured for more than 25 years.

As a Board-Certified Workers’ Compensation Specialist, Martha listens to each of our client’s stories to learn how their injuries have affected their day-to-day activities, ongoing quality of life, and their plans for the future.

Our team of skilled workers’ compensation attorneys and support staff in Charlotte bring over 60 combined years of experience to each case we represent because when it comes to protecting our North Carolina workforce and injured residents, we are all in this together.

Our Mecklenburg County workers’ compensation specialists work hard for the hardworking people of North Carolina to protect your rights and pursue real results.

Your Voice. Our Experience. Seeking Solutions for All Workers.

We Don't Back Down

The Ramsay Law Firm is passionate about protecting injured workers and helping them recover. Sometimes, that means we need to take on a large, powerful employer – and we NEVER back down from a fight.

We’ve successfully represented clients against these companies, and many more:

  • Amazon
  • American Airlines
  • Bank of America
  • Black and Decker
  • Carolinas Health Care Systems
  • City of Charlotte
  • FedEx Ground
  • Food Lion
  • Harris Teeter
  • Lowes Home Improvement
  • Pepsi Bottling Group
  • Target
  • UPS
  • US Airways
  • Walmart And many more.

Dedicated Charlotte Workers’ Compensation Attorney Practice Areas

At the Ramsay Law Firm, P.A., our Board-Certified Workers’ Compensation Specialist is one of only two National Football League Players Association (NFLPA) Workers’ Compensation attorneys in North Carolina.

But we are much more than our connection to professional sports.

Our Charlotte workers’ compensation lawyers are workforce advocates who use over 60 years of combined experience to represent our hardworking clients, including those who work in the trucking and construction industries, airline pilots and flight attendants, healthcare employees, and service industry and office professionals alike.

With nearly 2.8 million people living in the Charlotte Metropolitan area, our skilled workers’ compensation attorneys believe everyone deserves access to top-notch legal representation no matter where they live or work in North Carolina.

Our Charlotte workers’ compensation and personal injury attorneys offer beginning-to-end solutions for all in the following practice areas:

At the Ramsay Law Firm, P.A., we are here to help customize your case based on your personal needs by listening to each of the ways your injuries have impacted your life, so you know your voice is heard.

All Workers Welcome. Ask Martha for Help Today.

Experienced Workplace Accidents Attorneys in Charlotte, North Carolina

At the Ramsay Law Group, P.A., our skilled workers’ compensation attorneys in Charlotte know that a workplace accident means something different for each of our clients.

  • For an NFL player, it could mean a shattered dream.
  • For construction, factory, and warehouse workers, it could mean serious health consequences.
  • For truck drivers, it could mean being taken off the road.
  • For healthcare workers, it could mean the inability to fulfill a calling to help save lives.
  • For flight attendants, it could mean being grounded going forward.

For service industry workers, office personnel, municipal employees, and everyone in between, it means mounting medical bills, lost wages, and additional expenses that are increasingly difficult to rebound from physically, emotionally, and financially.

We are here to help you face your recovery with confidence and the conviction necessary to stay the course to get your life back on track while we fight for your workers’ compensation rights, healthcare, and compensation.

Help is Here for All Workers. Ask Martha What She Can Do For You.

Experienced Construction Accidents Workers’ Compensation Injuries

Construction work is consistently ranked in the top twenty most dangerous jobs in the U.S.

At last count, preliminary data showed that there were 7.2 million construction jobs throughout the country, marking the highest employment level for the construction industry in a decade.

No matter your role on a construction site from painters, electricians, framers, roofers, masons, welders to installers each job comes with a specific set of risks most of us do not encounter in the workplace.

Last year alone, throughout the U.S., there were approximately 150,000 construction site accident injuries that claimed more than 5,200 lives, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The most common causes of construction accident injuries in North Carolina include:

  • Falls
  • Struck by an object
  • Electrocutions
  • Caught in between objects
  • Explosions or burns
  • Slip and falls
  • Machinery accidents
  • Trench or ground collapses
  • Getting hit by a vehicle
  • Overexertion

If you have been injured in a construction accident in North Carolina, contact our skilled workers’ compensation attorneys in Charlotte today to learn more about your legal rights and options to pursue the benefits you are entitled to as a worker in the Tar Heel state.

Will My Construction Injuries Be Covered? Ask Martha.

Denied Workers’ Compensation Claims Attorneys in Charlotte, North Carolina

With very few exceptions, all businesses that employ three or more employees — whether they are sole proprietors, LLCs, partnerships, or incorporated — must carry workers’ compensation insurance, or qualify as self-insured employers as required by the North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Act.

Because this is true, denied workers’ compensation claims are not only incredibly confusing for our North Carolina workforce, they are devastating.

Workers’ compensation denials are often based on one of three factors:

  • The employer refuses to admit that the injury occurred during a work-related activity.
  • The insurance company simply calls you a liar by stating you are not hurt at all.
  • The workers’ compensation laws state your injury occurred in a way that does not comply with the obligation to show that you were injured by accidents, by a specific traumatic incident, or an occupational disease.

At the Ramsay Law Firm, P.A., we believe you are injured, and we want to help protect your rights, eligibility, and ability to successfully pursue workers’ compensation even if you have already been denied coverage.

We Believe You, and In You. Teamwork Produces Results. Ask Us How Today.

Wrongful Termination/Retaliation from Workers’ Compensation Filings

At Ramsay Law Firm, P.A., our specialized workers’ compensation attorneys in Charlotte want to make one thing very clear to our clients: It is illegal for your employer to fire you for filing a workers’ compensation claim.

Retaliatory employment discrimination, or retaliation, is strictly forbidden under North Carolina Retaliatory Employment Discrimination Act (REDA).

Getting hurt at workplaces all our clients in a difficult position. And we know pursuing your employer’s insurance provider for compensation after an injury often comes with torturous feelings that filing a workers’ compensation claim is akin to biting the hand that feeds you.

Other workers with an employer who has been good to them, do not want to feel as though they are filing a claim that will cast a negative light on their organization — or cost them money.

Unfortunately, some of these employees are met with the opposite reaction from their employer and lose their jobs because of filing a workers’ compensation claim, literally adding insult to injury.

If you were fired while pursuing or receiving workers’ compensation, your employer must show and prove there was a legitimate reason for terminating your employment.

Otherwise, the termination could be seen as retaliatory, which will require working with our law firm and partnering employment attorneys to help you get your job back, recover the wages you should have been making, and even money for your legal fees.

In some cases, your employer may also face punitive fines or pay you a settlement, which can empower you to take the time you need to find a new, respected position in our North Carolina workforce.

Ask Martha How She Can Help You Get Back to Work.

Catastrophic Personal Injury Attorneys in Charlotte, North Carolina

At the Ramsay Law Firm, P.A., our Charlotte personal injury lawyers know that our residents can get hurt anytime, anywhere, when negligence is a factor.

Whether it is a vehicle collision or harmful work-related circumstances, our clients’ lives are changed forever when a catastrophic injury including Traumatic Brain Injuries occur.

The fact is, nearly three million people visited emergency rooms throughout the U.S. last year seeking care for traumatic brain injuries.

The Centers for Disease Control reports that approximately 166 Americans die from Traumatic Brain Injuries, or TBI-related injuries each day, totaling nearly 61,000 deaths each year.

The major causes of Traumatic Brain Injuries are listed by the CDC as:

  • Nearly half, or 49.1%, of all TBIs, are caused by unintentional falls
  • 25% of all TBIs are caused by motor vehicle collisions
  • Nearly 17% of all TBIs are caused by individuals being struck by or against an object
  • 11% of all TBIs are caused by assaults

Unfortunately, many of the same causes of TBIs often coincide with the most common types of construction-related accidents, which place our clients’ lives and livelihoods in danger.

When you cannot work because of a Traumatic Brain Injury, your extensive medical care, lost wages, and inability to support your family will only compound the challenges you face during your recovery.

We can help you focus on reaching the positive light that seems so far away, so you can face your TBI with confidence knowing our skilled Charlotte personal injury lawyers are working tirelessly to pursue the outcome you deserve, so you can get your life back.

Are My Personal Injuries Eligible for Compensation? Ask Martha.

Compassionate Wrongful Death Attorneys in Charlotte, North Carolina

Losing a loved one during a work accident or to negligence is one of the most devastating events any family can go through.

Unfortunately, the grieving process often makes it difficult to understand how that loss will affect your family’s finances and overall livelihood until the challenges continue to mount.

In North Carolina, the personal representative, or executor, of the deceased person’s estate may be eligible to file a wrongful death claim to pursue the financial recovery they deserve for their loss.

The court will appoint a personal representative if the decedent did not leave a will, or if the person named therein will not or cannot pursue a wrongful death claim on his or her own.

Depending on how your loved one lost his or her life, your benefits may vary. Our skilled and compassionate Charlotte wrongful death lawyers will walk you through your eligibility to file a claim while outlining your financial recovery options, so you can seek justice on behalf of your entire family.

Ask Martha How We Can Help You Speak for Those Who No Longer Have a Voice.

Contact Our Workers’ Compensation Specialists in Charlotte, NC at the Ramsay Law Firm, P.A. for a Free Consultation Today

At the Ramsay Law Firm, P.A., our dedicated workers’ compensation and personal injury attorneys in Charlotte have 60+ years of combined experience producing personalized results for our clients.

We are dedicated to helping our North Carolina residents have their voices heard through customized legal representation that ensures you will never get lost in the shuffle or be bogged down by red tape and legal details.

Call us at 704-376-1616 or contact us online to meet with a Board-Certified Charlotte Workers’ Compensation attorney and allow our skilled team of lawyers and support staff to handle each detail of your case, so you can focus on your recovery.

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Ramsay Law Firm: A Voice for the Injured

By Your Side Throughout Your Case

Thousands of workers across the United States are injured every day in workplace accidents. When people are hurt on the job, they don’t always know what steps they need to take to protect themselves. Being unable to work can be as difficult as the injury itself because people take pride in their work and their ability to make a living.

Some employees wait until after the deadline to file a workers’ compensation claim and miss out on receiving necessary medical treatment and compensation for permanent or partial disabilities brought on by workplace injuries. At Ramsay Law Firm, P.A., we take the time to teach our clients about their legal rights and guide them through the entire workers’ compensation process.

We work as a team with our clients to craft the best solution for their unique needs because no two clients are alike. We are committed to treating each other and every client with respect.

Trusted Representation

You Are the Reason We Work Hard

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We Represent All Workers

Our attorneys have focused our practice on workers’ comp cases for years and, as a result, have worked with a variety of workers across a wide range of industries. Accidents and injuries can happen in any industry not just construction and when they do, you deserve to be compensated.

We’ve proudly represented workers such as:

Navigating the claims process can be tricky, but we can stand by your side each step of the way and educate you on your case and the law so you feel informed and empowered. Whether you’ve been injured in a slip and fall accident or have repetitive stress injuries, you can trust us to know how to secure your entitled benefits.

“I was never left in the dark- they always kept me informed. Ms. Ramsay never gave up on me. My questions were always answered and explained and she was always prepared for every phase.”

– Christopher D.

Charlotte Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

You Deserve The Best

Over 60 Years of Experience

We Address All Of Your Questions:

  • Can I lose my job if I file for benefits?
  • How long is considered “too long” for me to be out of work?
  • Who can treat my injuries?
  • How can I pay for my medical expenses?

Frequently Asked Questions

Generally, you can rely on two main factors to determine whether your injuries qualify for coverage: first, if you’re an employee, and second, if your injury occurred as a result of your employment. However, there are many other factors that insurance companies and employers take into consideration, and they may deny your claim if, for example, you were intoxicated at work when you were injured, or if you’re in a profession that isn’t covered by the workers’ comp system. It’s important to hire a workers’ comp attorney who can assess your situation and determine whether you have a right to benefits.

When you receive workers’ compensation benefits, you can have your medical bills covered, including the costs of all office visits, treatments, hospital stays, and procedure-like surgeries. You can also receive your regular pay to make up for lost wages, as well as temporary or permanent disability payments. After a loved one dies on the job, their surviving family members can receive death benefits, including a stipend for funeral expenses.

Though your eligibility for workers’ comp benefits may seem clear-cut, there are countless claims that are denied by employers and insurance companies for various reasons. Insurance companies often try to undermine or reject claims in an effort to save money, and they do this by looking for any lack of evidence that your injuries are work-related. By having an attorney who can gather the evidence you need to support your claim, you can make sure you receive the benefits you deserve to heal.


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