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 CLAIM DENIEDAt the Ramsay Law Firm, P.A., our Board-Certified Workers’ Compensation Trial Lawyer, Martha Ramsay, has been giving a voice to the injured for more than 25 years.

Our Charlotte denied workers’ compensation lawyers and support staff in Charlotte are workforce advocates who use over 60 years of combined experience to represent our hardworking clients, including those in the trucking and construction industries, airline pilots and flight attendants, healthcare employees, and service industry and office professionals alike because we believe everyone deserves access to top-notch legal representation — no matter where they live or work in North Carolina.

Our Mecklenburg County denied workers’ compensation attorneys work hard to protect your rights and pursue real results by strategically customizing cases based on each client’s personal needs, starting with listening to each of the ways your injuries have impacted your life, so you know your voice is heard.

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Why is My Charlotte, North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Claim Being Denied?

With very few exceptions, all businesses that employ three or more employees whether they are sole proprietors, LLCs, partnerships, or incorporated must carry workers’ compensation insurance, or qualify as self-insured employers as required by the North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Act.

Unfortunately, simply because your employer has workers’ compensation coverage does not mean the insurance company will automatically approve your injury claim.

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Workers’ compensation denials are often based on one of three factors:

  • The employer refuses to admit that the injury occurred during a work-related activity.
  • The insurance company simply calls you a liar by stating you are not hurt at all.
  • The workers’ compensation laws state your injury occurred in a way that does not comply with the obligation to show that you were injured by accidents at an Unsafe workplace, by a specific traumatic incident, or an occupational disease.

At the Ramsay Law Firm, P.A., we believe you are injured, and we want to help protect your rights, eligibility, and ability to successfully pursue workers’ compensation even if you have already been denied coverage.

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What Are My Options After My Charlotte, North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Claim Has Been Denied?

If you were hurt at work in North Carolina and the insurance company denies your claim, our Charlotte workers’ compensation attorneys will aggressively pursue a reversal of that decision by scheduling a hearing before a deputy commissioner of the North Carolina Industrial Commission, which is the fastest way to get the benefits you are entitled to for your injuries.

At the hearing, we will present the necessary evidence including medical records and other supporting documentation showing how the injury occurred at work and how it has affected your life and ability to work.

If we cannot get the initial denial reversed, we will file a Form 33 to present your case to a judge who can force the insurance company to award you the necessary workers’ compensation benefits.

At the Ramsay Law Firm, P.A., our Charlotte denied workers’ compensation attorneys understand that you are placed in an incredibly difficult position when you cannot gain access to the benefits you need to heal.

While you await the reversal or additional hearings, workers’ compensation will not be responsible for paying for any medical bills or for any time out of work.

Those expenses must come out of your pocket during the denial period, which is why we also assist our clients with seeking medical care at low-cost clinics and encourage them, if possible, to file for unemployment or return to work in a lighter-duty position, so all is not lost during this challenging time.

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