Service Industry Workers Injured in NC

Many types of companies make up North Carolina’s service sector. Every day in the Charlotte region, hard-working men and women contribute their labor to the food service industry, retail service industry, distribution industry, tourism industry, and other types of service industries. Unfortunately, people who work in the service industry are highly vulnerable to serious work-related accidents and injuries.

However, when a service worker is disabled by a job-related injury, he or she may obtain financial compensation by filing a workers’ compensation claim with assistance from an experienced work injury attorney, like those of the Ramsay Law Firm.

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Service Industry Injury and Accident Statistics

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), over 634,000 people are employed in North Carolina’s professional and business service sector as of May 2017. An additional 593,000 are employed in health and education services, in addition to approximately 157,000 workers employed in other service sectors of North Carolina’s economy.

BLS statistics also indicate that, at the national level, more than 2 million people in service-providing industries were injured at work during 2015. That includes more than 53,000 total recordable cases of injuries in North Carolina during the same time period. In other words, workplace accidents in North Carolina accounted for roughly 2.7% of the nation’s service industry injuries during 2015.

Certain types of service-related jobs have higher injury rates than others. Listed below, you’ll find BLS data on injury statistics in different segments of North Carolina’s service industry.

  • Educational and Health Services – Nearly 15,000 recordable cases in 2015
  • Accommodation and Food Services – Over 6,000 recordable cases
  • Professional and Business Services – Over 6,000 recordable cases
  • Administrative and Support Services – Over 3,000 recordable cases
  • Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services – 2,000 recordable cases
  • Janitorial Services – Fewer than 1,000 cases
  • Employment Services – Fewer than 1,000 cases

Our Charlotte workplace injury lawyers for service workers can help you explore all of your legal options to make an informed decision about how to proceed.

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