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At Ramsay Law Firm, P.A., our specialized wrongful termination attorneys in Charlotte want to make one thing very clear to our clients: It is illegal for your employer to fire you for filing a workers’ compensation claim.

Retaliatory employment discrimination, or retaliation, is strictly forbidden under North Carolina Retaliatory Employment Discrimination Act (REDA).

If you were fired while pursuing or receiving workers’ compensation, your employer must show — and prove — there was a legitimate reason for terminating your employment.

Otherwise, the termination could be seen as retaliatory, which will require working with our law firm and partnering employment attorneys to help you get your job back, recover the wages you should have been making, and even money for your legal fees.

At the Ramsay Law Firm, P.A., our founder and managing attorney, Martha Ramsay, is a Board-Certified Workers’ Compensation Specialist who partners with our team of skilled Charlotte wrongful termination attorneys and support staff in Charlotte to bring over 60 combined years of experience to each case we represent, because when it comes to protecting our North Carolina workforce, we are all in this together.

Our Mecklenburg County workers’ compensation specialists work hard for the hardworking people of North Carolina to protect their rights and pursue real results, starting with a free consultation.

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What is the North Carolina Retaliatory Employment Discrimination Act?

The 1992 Retaliatory Employment Discrimination Act (REDA) protects employees who file workers’ compensation claims and other complaints from adverse actions.

This means your employer may not fire you, demote you, discriminate against you, or subject you to any unfavorable employment actions because you filed a workers’ compensation claim.

What Are the Elements of a Workers’ Compensation Discrimination Claim?

While it is illegal to subject an employee — no matter their job, position, industry, or sector — to adverse actions because he or she has filed a workers’ comp claim in North Carolina, it happens more often than most think.

Unfortunately, employers are getting away with workers’ compensation discrimination by veiling their unfair behavior as part of their supervisory role.

If the following elements are true, you are suffering from workers’ compensation discrimination:

  • You filed a workers’ compensation claim
  • You suffered an adverse action
  • Your claim was a significant factor in the action taken against you
  • The adverse action would not have occurred if your employer did not know about your claim

At Ramsay Law Firm, P.A., we want all North Carolina employees to know they have rights and cannot be treated unfairly, disciplined, or fired for filing a workers’ compensation claim.

If you have been discriminated against in any way for pursuing a workers’ compensation claim, contact our skilled retaliation attorneys in Charlotte today to discuss your case during a free consultation and learn more about your legal rights and options to stand up to your employer.

Filing for Workers’ Compensation in North Carolina is a Legal Right

When it comes to filing for workers’ compensation, our North Carolina workforce is protected by more than the REDA.

The state’s public policy doctrine deems workers’ compensation as a legal right, making it illegal for employers to interfere with workers’ comp claims.

When employees suffer work injuries that cause disabilities, the Americans with Disabilities Act provides workplace protections that require the employer to make reasonable accommodations for disabled employee.

For example, if an employee suffers a back injury that precludes them from lifting boxes or other objects — which is part of their normal employment duties — the employer should adjust their duties to a position that does not require lifting until he or she is fully healed.

Should the employer decide to retaliate against the employee because of their injuries, or worse, terminate that employee, they may face legal consequences.

Contact our experienced retaliation and wrongful termination attorneys in Charlotte today to learn more about holding your employer accountable for their illegal actions, so you can pursue the outcome you deserve.

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