Don’t Wait to See a Doctor: Medical Records Are Workers’ Comp Proof

April 20 , 2018

Getting treatment for your injuries is one of the most important things to do after you’ve been injured. In a workplace injury case, it is important to get medical care for your injuries right away. Only a healthcare professional can measure the full extent of your injuries and help you anticipate the pain you’ll face and the treatment you’ll need. Their findings can also become excellent evidence and proof of your injuries that can create a solid foundation for your workers’ compensation claim or workplace injury lawsuit. For help with your case, contact the Charlotte, NC workers compensation lawyers at the Ramsay Law Firm today.

Benefits of Medical Records in a Workers’ Compensation Case

Seeking medical care has the obvious benefit of helping you recover from injury. Without the proper treatment, your injuries may grow worse, spread infection, or fail to fully heal. Ultimately, getting back to work and mitigating the impact your injuries have on your life means seeking quality medical care.

On top of the physical benefits, having a doctor examine your injuries has numerous legal benefits. First, getting care quickly helps prove the injury was related to your work. If you tell your boss your back pain is severe, then wait six weeks to talk to your doctor about it, it may appear as though the injury is not that severe. It also gives plenty of time for other injuries to occur, unrelated to work. Passing off a non-work injury as a workplace injury so you can receive workers’ comp can mean immediate denial of your claim. Getting prompt medical care helps show that the injuries your doctor saw were related closely in time to the injuries sustained at work.

Having a physician’s record of your injury can also be important evidence when proving a workplace injury. Doctors keep good records of their patient’s care, which include the manner of injury, symptoms the patient was facing, the diagnosis the doctor gave, the date of treatment, and the recommended course of care going forward. This helps show information that is vital to any workers’ comp claim, including:

  • How and when the injury occurred.
  • The severity and extent of the injury, which help prove your injury is as severe as you claim it is.
  • The limitations your injury puts on your work, which helps determine your work capacity and the severity of your case.
  • The expected time it will take to recover, which helps show how long you will need workers’ comp benefits.
  • Ongoing treatment needs, which helps determine how much your medical care will cost.

This information is vital to the adjusters, attorneys, and judges that handle workers’ compensation claims, but is the kind of information you need a doctor to document.

Getting Medical Care for a Workers’ Comp Claim

Getting medical care after a workplace injury can often be confusing. If you have the time to wait before receiving treatment, it is important to use the doctor that your employer and their workers’ comp insurance provider tell you to use. After submitting a claim, you are usually directed to which physician to go to for treatment.

If you seek treatment from a different doctor, it may be difficult to get your NC workers’ compensation benefits approved. In many cases, your initial claim will be denied if a different physician investigated the injuries. This means fighting the workers’ comp denial and presenting evidence to prove your injuries.

If you suffered a catastrophic injury and need immediate medical care, you can usually get that treatment without issue. Emergency Care at the nearest ER or trauma center is always available, and you should always accept this care if you need it. Waiting to see an approved workers’ comp physician after traumatic injuries could ultimately lead to serious complications. Blood loss from serious wounds, untreated heart complications, infection, and even shock can become deadly if left untreated. Never refuse emergency treatment. Since the injury or condition may be more severe than you initially realize, it is vital to have a doctor examine the full extent of your condition right away.

If you are required to use the doctor your employer chooses, do so as soon as you can. The more closely the medical exam is to the workers’ comp claim, the less chance there is for others to question the severity of your injuries or whether they were related to your work. It is also vital during this period to consult with a workers’ comp lawyer to ensure your claim is handled properly.

Charlotte Workers’ Comp Lawyers Can Help if You Were Hurt at Work

If you or a loved one were injured at work or suffers from a work-related condition, it is vital to get medical care as quickly as possible. It is also important to talk to a workers’ compensation lawyer who can help you file your claim and collect the proper evidence and medical records to prove your claim. The Charlotte workers’ compensation lawyers at the Ramsay Law Firm offer free consultations to help new clients with their cases. For your free consultation, call (704) 376-1616 today.

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