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Helping Truckers Hurt on The Job

Did You Know….. Your Friday thought for the day: Did You Know: Many truckers can develop leg and back pain

Did You Know?

Did You Know…. Did you know that Occupational Diseases include specific conditions that are listed in N.C. Workers’ Compensation Act? 

Friday Thought of The Day

Did you know that under North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Act, there is a seven-day waiting period where no compensation is

Concussions: Is Your Young Athlete At Risk?

Children who are in sports are more at risk for a concussion. We tend to think that kids are “made of rubber”,

Friday Thought of The Day

Your Friday Thought For The Day: Did you know that when a hearing is requested in a Workers’ Compensation case,

Did You Know?

Your Friday Thought For The Day: Did you know that according to Wikipedia, “Chimneysweep Carcinoma” is the first occupational disease

Doctor looking at a brain xray What Are 4 Common Head Injuries in NFL Football Players?

Football is an American tradition that unites millions of fans and inspires young athletes around the world. But while football

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