Questions About Returning To Work? We Have Answers.

March 7 , 2016

Most people who have been hurt on the job want two things: To get better and to get back to work. But returning to work can raise a lot of questions: Will I be returning to the same position or to light-duty work? If I have to do light duty, will the company give me a real position or just busywork? Will I get fired if I refuse to take on duties my doctor says I shouldn’t?

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Returning to Work in a Light Duty Job

We’ve seen it happen time and again: For the first few weeks after returning to work, the supervisor is fine giving you tasks that the doctor has approved, but then starts asking you to do things that are outside the scope of light-duty work.

When you have been cleared to return to work in a light-duty job, it is very important to keep a copy of your doctor’s restrictions with you. It is also a good idea to get a written job description from your supervisor or the human resources department and to have your doctor review it. This way everyone is on the same page regarding what you will be expected to do and what tasks your doctor has cleared you to perform.

Making sure that everyone is aware of your doctor’s restrictions and the formal description of your duties will help your employer think more realistically about what they are going to have you do, and will enable you to raise a clear objection if you are asked to do something that’s outside the scope of the light-duty work you’ve been cleared for.

What If Your Supervisor Asks You To Do Something Outside Your Restrictions?

If it happens once or twice and your supervisor listens when you tell them that your doctor has said you can’t do what they are asking you to do, you don’t have to worry. Circumstances like this happen often and there’s really no need to call your lawyer to discuss this particular situation.

If, on the other hand, you are being forced to do work which you are concerned will cause further injury or you are being threatened with a reduction in pay, fewer hours, removing vacation time or termination (or if any of these things have already happened), call us immediately with the specifics: What happened, when, and who said what.

You should still continue to try and work with your supervisor and the human resources department to resolve the issue, but we will be there to protect you against any unlawful actions on the part of your employer. If the situation is so bad you want to quit, don’t quit — call us instead.

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