Does an Injured Employee’s Age Impact Their Workers’ Compensation Options?

April 8 , 2024

At the Ramsay Law Firm, P.A., our Charlotte workers’ compensation attorneys know our North Carolina workers’ compensation laws and programs are designed to provide financial support and assistance to injured workers, regardless of age, to help them recover from work-related injuries and return to productive employment to the extent possible.

Workers’ Compensation Options

Unfortunately, insurance companies, even those for workers’ compensation, are focused on making money. They take in premiums paid by employers and pay out claims. They can retain more significant profits if they reduce what they send to injured employees.

It seems unfair when you are hurt and need the benefits, but it is simply how the system works.

Knowing how the law applies to your unique circumstances can be confusing. That’s why speaking with a skilled workers’ compensation lawyer who can help you push back against unfair tactics is valuable.

Here’s what aging North Carolina workers need to know about their rights to these essential benefits.

Aging Injured North Carolina Workers May Have Additional Benefit Options

Injured workers close to retirement age may have additional options for disability or retirement benefits in conjunction with workers’ compensation. Age-related factors may influence the calculation of disability benefits, such as the likelihood of returning to work and the impact of the injury on future earning capacity.

They include:

  • Benefit Duration

The duration of workers’ compensation benefits may vary based on factors such as the severity of the injury, the employee’s ability to return to work, and age-related considerations. Older workers may receive benefits for a longer duration if their age limits their ability to re-enter the workforce and compete for work.

  • Permanent Disability

Older workers may be more likely to be classified as permanently disabled due to age-related factors such as decreased mobility, reduced stamina, and pre-existing medical conditions. This can affect the type and amount of workers’ compensation benefits, mainly if they cannot return to their previous occupation.

  • Vocational Rehabilitation, Retraining, & Job Placement

Workers’ compensation programs may assist with job placement services or vocational training programs tailored to the individual’s abilities and limitations, taking age into account.

However, age may be a consideration in determining the feasibility of retraining or transitioning to a different career, especially for older workers with few years remaining in the workforce.

  • Early Retirement Options

In some cases, older workers who are permanently disabled due to a work-related injury may be eligible for early retirement benefits and workers’ compensation. Age-related factors such as eligibility for Social Security benefits or retirement savings may influence the decision to pursue early retirement.

Overall, while age can influence an injured employee’s compensation options, it is just one of many factors considered in determining eligibility for benefits and the extent of compensation.

If you have questions about eligibility for workers’ compensation benefits based on age, the Ramsay Law Firm can help.

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