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Losing a limb or digit is a shocking, life-altering event. When you are simply trying to process the accident and recuperate from your injury, a stressful and complicated financial battle with your employer is the last thing you need to be worrying about.

Charlotte Workplace Arm and Finger Amputation

In North Carolina, injured workers can get compensated for job-related accidents by filing a workers’ compensation claim. If you or a loved one recently lost a finger, thumb, toe, hand, foot, or limb in a workplace accident that occurred in the Charlotte region, financial compensation may be available for your medical bills, disability, and loss of income related to your amputation injury.

Getting Compensated for a Work Accident Injury in North Carolina

In addition to causing physical trauma, amputation injuries also have devastating financial consequences. These consequences affect not only the victim, but also any loved ones he or she was previously supporting, such as children or elderly parents. Not only do amputation injuries burden the victim with enormous medical bills, they also diminish his or her ability to work and earn income. This creates an extremely stressful situation for the victim, all at a time when he or she should be resting and recuperating — not worrying about hospital bills or budget adjustments.

Fortunately, the law provides remedies for workers who suffered amputation injuries in the course of their job duties. Relief may be available in the form of workers’ compensation, which can help to pay for your medical bills while providing additional benefits for your disability or impairment.

With a few exceptions, most employers in North Carolina are required to provide workers’ compensation coverage under the North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Act, including limited liability companies (LLCs), corporations, and partnerships with at least three employees. If you are hurt at work, you should immediately report the injury to your employer, who will direct you to an industrial or occupational work injury clinic. These clinics are known for favoring employers while minimizing the severity of employee injuries, which is one of the reasons effective representation is so critical following a job-related amputation accident in Charlotte.

Get Help Filing a Workers’ Compensation Claim for an Amputation

The process of obtaining the benefits you deserve can be highly complex and fraught with difficulty. Examples of issues that frequently arise during the North Carolina workers’ compensation claims process include delays in receiving benefits, claim denials, and unfair treatment by company doctors and insurance companies. You will need aggressive legal representation to ensure that your rights as an injured worker will be protected.

At the Ramsay Law Firm, our team of dedicated Charlotte workplace injury lawyers brings over 25 years of experience to every case we handle. By crafting a detailed legal strategy that is tailored to each client’s unique situation, our trusted and accomplished attorneys have successfully helped over 1,000 clients obtain benefits for their injuries.

We understand how deeply a severe injury impacts your life, and will fight hard to maximize the value of your workplace accident claim.

To learn more about getting compensated for your workplace injury in a free and confidential legal consultation, contact the Ramsay Law Firm at (704) 376-1616 today.

Common Causes of Job-Related Amputation Injuries

Despite federal regulations, state laws, and industry standards designed to prevent workplace accidents, millions of workers suffer on-the-job injuries every year in the United States. Tens of thousands of these injuries occur here in the factories, warehouses, construction sites, and office buildings of North Carolina. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 74,000 North Carolinians suffered work-related injuries during 2015 alone: a shocking daily average of more than 200 employee injuries.

One of the most serious and debilitating injuries that occurs in the workplace is the loss of a hand, foot, finger, toe, or limb in an amputation accident. These types of injuries can occur for many reasons, but are particularly likely to victimize employees whose jobs involve physical contact with dangerous industrial machinery. Some of the machines and pieces of equipment that are most commonly responsible for severed limbs and traumatic amputation injuries include:

  • Bar-Straightening Machines
  • Drill Presses
  • Food Slicers
  • Meat Grinders
  • Mechanical Power Presses
  • Milling Machines
  • Printing Presses
  • Shears

Even with the best medical care and no complications during or after treatment, amputation is still a permanently disabling injury that has lifelong impacts on the victim. The loss of a body part as small as a finger or toe can still affect basic tasks and functions, such as balance or grip strength, making daily life harder. The accident survivor must adapt virtually every activity, and may need to undergo intensive physical therapy. While prosthetic limbs can significantly improve functionality, they can also be extremely costly, further adding to the victim’s financial burden.

At the Ramsay Law Firm, we work on a contingency fee basis, which means we don’t get paid unless you do. To start talking about your legal options in a free and confidential consultation, contact our law offices at (704) 376-1616 today.

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Let our aggressive, knowledgeable, and experienced Charlotte amputation injury lawyers level the playing field by providing skilled representation for you. We can assist with all aspects of your North Carolina workers’ compensation claim, from helping you with paperwork and answering your legal questions, to investigating delayed benefits and challenging claim denials. We are proud to be a law firm for injured workers in Charlotte, and are ready to fight vigorously on you and your family’s behalf.

Depending on the nature of the amputation injury, we may be able to assist you with a personal injury lawsuit in addition to pursuing compensation through North Carolina’s workers’ compensation system. Though workers are generally prohibited from filing injury-related employer lawsuits, there are certain exceptions that allow job injury lawsuits under specific circumstances. Personal injury lawsuits can result in being awarded compensation for pain and suffering, medical bills, mental anguish, diminished earning capacity, and other losses.

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