This Month’s #Unsungheros Are Truck Drivers!

June 15 , 2024

Long-Standing Appreciation for Truck DriversEvery day, we have the privilege of meeting dedicated, hard-working men and women and hearing their stories. It’s inspiring and an honor to represent their rights.

This month’s #unsungheros are Truck Drivers! This is an opportunity for us to recognize and thank the dedicated workers across our state who don’t always get the recognition and appreciation they deserve.

You see them everywhere! Day and night on the road. It is estimated that a full-time truck driver travels over 125,000 miles per year. Most of us drive only 14,000 miles a year, or about 1/7th of the miles logged by a professional driver, and they are professionals. Truck drivers have a dramatically lower rate of crashes per mile than any other driver. Personal vehicles were involved in 89% of crash deaths in 2021. Large trucks were involved in only 11% of fatalities.* As our roads get busier, having professionals behind the wheel of these big rigs is more and more important.

Long-Standing Appreciation for Truck Drivers Who Prioritize Safety

When I was a little girl, my Dad took me on a truck ride when the truck driver for his lumber company was sick, and he had to drive the tractor truck. It was exciting! Learning how to climb up in the truck. Levers everywhere. A CB radio. A bed in the back. But he took safety very seriously, and I saw him walk the truck to check the tires, mirror, and most importantly, the load. I was ready to be off to see the next city or town, but he always checked before starting off again.

I’ve been fortunate to continue friendships with truck drivers. My good friend Rocky Fields, who has driven “bout every kinda truck,” let me in on a trucker’s secret for safe navigation, especially when driving solo. He uses a dry-erase marker on the left inside the windshield to list the numbers of the exits and highways on his trip. When he finishes the turn, he just wipes it off with his hand. Without having to look at his phone or GPS, he knows that his next turn is exit 32 from I-77 North onto I-81 North.

I want to extend my thanks to the devoted professionals who work hard to keep us all safe on the road. Ramsay Law Firm helps truck drivers whenever they have injuries on the job or on the road. We are proud to help get them medical treatment, lost time, and back on the road. Let us know if we can help you.

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