Video Conferencing Meetings – how it works

For clients needing to communicate with people they cannot meet with in person, a helpful tool is a video conferencing service called Zoom. This service can be used on either your computer or mobile device. Other services such as Ring Central, Join Me, or Web-Ex also provides video conferencing.

Zoom began in 2011 but has recently become very popular as a method to bring people together with on-screen video and audio conferencing.

To use Zoom for telehealth appointments, ask your health care provider to send you an email invitation with a “Join Zoom Meeting” link within the email. This process will make it very simple for you to use, without requiring you to join Zoom. You simply click on the “Join Zoom Meeting” link that your health care provider emails you, then you follow prompts to download and launch the application.

This link explains the process in a one-minute video.

Zoom Meetings Support 

Remember – joining a meeting does not require that you subscribe to the service. You can simply participate in a meeting, without providing detailed personal information.

However, if you want to initiate or “host” Zoom meetings, then you will need to subscribe and register for your own account. There’s no cost for a Basic Account, and it’s very easy to register. Go to this site and click on the “Sign Up for Free” tab. zoom us

To learn more, link here for some quick and easy videos. zoom us resources

The video titled “Joining & Configuring Audio/Video” is a great place to start.

There is also a Frequently Asked Questions page you may find helpful: Zoom FAQ

Zoom, DocuHub & DocuSign links