Builders in History: Revisiting Some of the First Engineers and Contractors

June 4 , 2021

From the moment human beings left cliffs and caves, construction has been an integral part of our society. Biblical figures may be some of the first engineers, construction workers, and contractors – but what materials did they use? The article, “Construction in the Bible: Materials,” explores just that.

Noah’s Ark and Cypress Wood

Noah was one of the first biblical builders, and he used cypress wood to build his boat. Cypress is a soft, easy to work with wood that can stand up to external forces. The durable material is rot-resistant and still used today in canoes, furniture, and even fences.

Wood is a classic building material that many construction workers still rely on.

The Tower of Babel and Fired Brick

Historically, people used stone to build structures, but when stone was unavailable, early construction workers got creative. While clay is soft and not very strong, applying heat can make the substance into bricks. Bricks are another valuable building material that is still used today, but brickmaking has become a more exact science in recent years.

Now, artisans love “clinker bricks,” or old bricks that are soft in the center because of their rustic, non-uniform appearance. The Tower of Babel was likely constructed with fired brick, so bricks have been around for a really long time!

Material Safety

No matter what kind of materials you are working with – and how old they may be – you should always know the risks. Employers are required to provide you with a material safety data sheet and educate you about any hazards.

For example, working with wood could produce wood dust, which is not only highly flammable but also triggers allergic reactions. Although Noah’s construction team probably wasn’t using machines, woodworking safety is currently linked to machinery safety, as well.

Similarly, workers must take caution any time they are working with fire or high temperatures, and bricks are very heavy, meaning they can become dangerous if stored or handled incorrectly.

Never be afraid to ask about the materials you are working with and seek training on how to work with those materials safely.

If you get hurt on the job, know that you should be covered by workers’ compensation insurance – no matter who is at fault for the injury.

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