Charlotte Workers’ Compensation Problems and Questions

If you have suffered a work-related injury, you probably have many questions and concerns about your future. These questions are all valid and can be answered in more detail by talking with an experienced Charlotte workers’ compensation attorney.

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Common Workers’ Comp Concerns

I can’t go back to work and do what I used to.

This is where it is very crucial to have an attorney who knows your rights. By law, you do not have to take a job at a significantly reduced pay. You do have the right to re-training but only after exhausting all other options.

I was fired after receiving workers’ comp.

Once a workers’ compensation carrier has started paying benefits, only four circumstances can stop benefits: 1) you return to work, 2) doctor releases you without restrictions, 3) you settle your case, or 4) you engaged in fraud. Being fired from work is not one of them. However, getting fired for misconduct can affect your payments.

I have been waiting so long to get medical treatment.

Documentation by a doctor is required. This has to be transcribed, sent to the adjuster, approved by the doctor, the adjuster has to approve it by calling the doctor’s office and the doctor must schedule the treatment. Having an attorney can speed up the process by contacting the doctor and making sure authorization is getting approved. We can also file an expedited medical motion with the Industrial Commission, to enforce payment by the insurance company

I received Social Security and think it will reduce my workers’ comp benefits.

Receiving Social Security benefits, such as Social Security Disability (SSD), does not reduce workers’ comp benefits. However, getting workers’ comp benefits does affect your SSD payments.

I don’t know what to bring to our first appointment.

Please bring any employment-related documents such as paychecks, medical records and names of any doctors involved. Any industrial commission forms and insurance documents are important as well.

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